Welcome to Planet Cygnet

Today is my tenth day as a blogger, and since I quite like the number 10, I really want to make this day special!

So here we go…

Welcome to Cygnet!

Far, far away in distant, dreamy land lies planet Cygnet. It is, I must say, a land deep inside my mind and heart where I retreat to escape reality. Well, I am a little confused where to start… So please excuse me if I’m a bit jumbled up…. 🙂


Once upon a time, long, long ago lived Sashie, a large elegant swan-god who roamed all the universe on his silver wings. But unfortunately, he was all alone.

One day, he was accidently hit by Hou the Comet and lost one eye and his divine form.

He cursed the comet that it could never move again and Hou, out of guilt, agreed easily and promised he would create hundreds of companions for him.

Extremely pleased, Sashie acknowledged comet as his son and gifted him the eye.

Soon, Hou became planet and came to be known as Cygnet or the swan-child and Sashie lived as the first living being.

This is just one of the many folktales about how the world was created, but certainly the most famous one. I hope you like it!

P. S. Do any of you like to build magical worlds too? Do you have a place to retreat from reality? I would love to know! ❤


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