Diary of Kain Page 2

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30th June, 2019

Dear Diary,

Very disappointed today. Couldn’t go to the city because of extra-homework. Parents went, but the stationary shop was closed. Last week this happened too. 😦

Now the homework is not complete even! I’m quite sad. On Tuesday, we will go out somewhere because today my parents had to go to work because of emergency.

The woods are looking very fresh, by the way. Maybe it’s the rain. There weren’t any landslides. A few pine trees have fallen down, though.

By the way, I found an odd turquoise coloured feather. I like collecting feathers! Maybe it belongs to a magical bird!

A bit tensed about today’s world cup match, IND VS ENG. I wish England would win! Can’t wait to see Butler, Morgan, Root, Roy, Stokes and many more.

Maybe something interesting will happen today evening! I hope so.





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