Birthday of a Beloved One

July has already started and today, by far, is the best day of the month. Why?

Everything is special because this 2nd July 2019 marks the 11th birthday of my beloved younger sister!

Happy Birthday, dear Sister!

Yesterday night, I spend quite a lot of time, trying to make a card, a few open when letters and decorating the cover-page of a notebook. Yet, they weren’t a bit good as I expected… 😦

Just a wish… Happy birthday!

But you don’t always need high-and-mighty cards to express your love. Whatever I did, it made her smile and that’s what matters.

This a little unsent letter I’d written for her:

Dear sister,

You are just eleven but mature enough to read my heart. You are the only one to whom I can confide. Yes, there are secrets I can’t tell you, but don’t worry, when you grow up we could be even closer. You are the best friend I have. Just your sight brings a big smile to my face. We may quarrel and fight with each other often, but there’s always a string of love binding us. Thanks for coming in my life! Happy birthday, my love!

Yours loving,

Elder sister


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