Thank You, Comrades!

I am really in seventh heaven! It hadn’t even been a month as a blogger, and I have already made so many wonderful friends and met so many amazing people in this blogging world! I’ve even got more than 50 people, following me in this journey!

Thank You So Much, Everyone!

This month was one of my best days in this year and I’m truly grateful to have you all with me, hearing whatever I say and being so supportive. I wrote a little poem… trying to express my gratitude.

An Ode To My Comrades

Dear comrades,

Thank you for walking in the Den of Dreams

And staying there a while,

Your presence always shade

Amazing hues in my life—

Thank you for walking together,

Thank you for reading,

Thank you for staying together,

In the path I’m heading…

Into the world of blog!

Every word, every like,

Every post, do strike

My heart with arrows of happiness.

My smiles never end—

Thank you for lifting me up from a mess

Of self doubts.

Thank You Again!


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