A Shady Inn

Long John’s Showbar, Great Yarmouth, UK

Thank you, K Rawson, for hosting What Pegman Saw ( https://whatpegmansaw.com/2019/07/13/great-yarmouth-uk/ )

It felt great, as always!

A Shady Inn

Luckily, when we entered the dimly-lit inn, it was almost deserted. Just a half-asleep worker behind the counter.

“Good!” said Nathan in a hushed whisper, “So what’s the next plan?”

“Just act as if we are mere tourists,” I said.

“Good inn, mate!” said Nathan to the man in the counter, “Old fashioned, huh?”

The man mumbled something and then asked in a hoarse voice, “What ye want?”  

That was rude, I know but there wasn’t time to complain.

“Bacon, “ I began but was interrupted by a strong tug in the shoulder.

“Look over there, Al,” Nathan pointed to a stranger sitting at the farthest corner, holding a glass with his slender fair fingers.

His long hair was tied in a ponytail and a dark cape hit his shoulder. He was prince, it seemed, pursuing or escaping a dark secret.

Good, then there are darker men than us.


75 thoughts on “A Shady Inn

    1. Thank you so much for reading! I have wanting to answer the question so long! Thank you for asking…
      This inn is a mysterious place where dark, shady people come in for a meal. Alex, the narrator and Nathan have released a long forgotten curse and that is a great danger. They are on run to escape… Until they meet Naoki, a pirate, the stranger who is on trail of a treasure. And here comes a connection, the curse and treasure are interlinked.
      Thanks for reading again!


    1. 😃 I don’t very much like Aragon, so I don’t think he would be there…
      This prompt really inspired me to write a long story but had to cut it 😊
      The stranger is Naoki, a pirate, and I can tell you nobody is up to any good!

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      1. Well this one isn’t an inn (which is more of a low grade hotel, the primary tradfe being sale of alcohol and basic food). It a bar on a pier, attached to a theatre. It used to do karaoke. Don’t know if it still does.

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