One of Masaki’s (an imaginary friend) poems is sticking to my heart and echoing just the words I want to speak. For him, it’s dedicated to smoking, but for me, it’s for blogs. I can’t just leave blogging even if exams are knocking at the door! 😦 It’s making me feel guilty and sad but I don’t know what can I do… I am trapped! 😦


Copyright: DragonWarrior

Don’t know how it began,

Don’t know why it’s so strong,

Don’t know, why for me, it’s right,

Even if I know the wrongs;

Don’t know what spell it casted,

Don’t know why I am in trance,

Don’t know how long my last one lasted,

Don’t know how to steal a glance;

Don’t know how to focus,

Don’t know how to leave,

Don’t know how to get back

In my back life and heave

A sigh of relief.

Don’t know how to break free,

Don’t know if I can dare,

Don’t know when it would be over,

And I could return back to my lair.


16 thoughts on “Addiction

    1. Umm… a mixture. Exams are a tiny little part. I quite like to study πŸ™‚ But then, there are teenage problems I guess… quick mood changes, sudden anger, guilt, sadness, hyper emotions… and most of all, hiding all the feelings.
      Thanks for hearing me out πŸ™‚

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