Weekend Writing Prompt- Song

Thank you, Sammi, for hosting this Weekend Writing Prompt.

The Last Song

A single voice throbs my ears

Maybe it’s the wind,

Whistling by the coves,

Maybe it’s the clouds,

Singing by the copse,

Maybe it’s the birds,

Maybe the cricket’s chirping.

I don’t know whose song it is,

My ears  are already dead.

All I know,

They sing of peace

The peace that had already left my head,

Living behind an empty cage,

Shivering with pain, shivering with rage,

As I lay dying in the copse.

There begins the song again.

Whispering in my ears.

My only peer

In this quiet, cold night.

It’s the stars, I guess,

Singing a eulogy for me.

(102 words)

Post Script

This is my first try in this contest. I am in quite a dark mood, so I am sorry to make it dark as well.


34 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Prompt- Song

      1. It’s never too late. There is no closing date. The only criteria is thet work is yours, and you don’t exceed 150 words. (Cos I have to read them all, and more words begin to get wearisome.)

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      2. I have since I was ten years old. My mother said it was caused by reading by torchlight beneath my covers. Load of rot, of course. It’s genetic. I inherited from my father. How about you? Does your father wear glasses?

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      3. I am having since 13 July, 2018. (I celebrate my spectacles birthday, so I have memorised the day by heart 🙂 )
        No, my father and mother don’t have glasses. But my grandparents had.
        Actually, I resemble my paternal grandmother (who died when my father was 8 year old) in every way. Our eyes, nose, lips, complexion, and even behaviour match exactly. Some relatives say I am her recarnation 🙂

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      4. Perhaps you are? I was brought up in the belief of the *possibility*, which I suspect was my mother’s greatest wish, cos a year or so before I was born, her young sister died, and she longed for me to be her. What a disappointment I turned out to be! Definitely nothing like my deceased aunt. And I spent many years trying to work out the potential mechanics of reincarnation (the scientific mind won’t let go). The best I can manage is a solution offered by quantum theory: that there is *spiritual* dimension which is continuous and present in all matter in the universe. Therefore some *part* of the spirit dimension becomes the reincarnated part of the person. And since that part has existed in close association with the parts that make up our family and loves ones, it remains with their children.
        Oh my word, what a long explanation.

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      5. Thank you so much for your explanation.
        Till now, we are not told about Quantum Theory in Physics but you have already given me a great introduction to me. I think, it’d be a good topic to ask our Physics teacher and surely he’d be happy to answer an “advanced concept”.
        Also I guess, you are a very morning person?
        Thank you again for parting me the knowledge. 🙂

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      6. I’m not at all sure my theory would be accepted by mainstreamers; though that’s Western mainstream scientists. Perhaps yours would be more open.
        Quantum basically means very small. But the odd thing about these very-very small particles (neutrons, photons etc) is their behaviour. Like, they don’t *behave* until you look. In other words, they don’t behave like usualy stuff. It’s a head-spinner, trying to grasp it. But these smallest particles make up everything in the universe. So if the component parts act weird … then what about when they’re all squished together to make us?

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