Crimson’s Creative Challenge: The Forgotten Trail

Thank you so much Crimson for hosting this challenge.

The Forgotten Trail

~ a verse by Tatsuya

Hiking forth, I stumbled upon

A thin trail, left alone,

Twigs and weeds, grown all around

That scratch and I frown,

At the edgy ground,

Until I see a flight of stairs.

Small stairs, Stones stairs.

Who knows they lead to where,

And yet, to the unknown, I follow.

Dark and creepy, the stairs went,

To a place I never knew or came upon,

Fantastic beasts I met,

Fantastic places, a purple sun

And blue grass, and roaming stouts

I had come upon a land of great adventure,

But alas, I did not know a way out!


30 thoughts on “Crimson’s Creative Challenge: The Forgotten Trail

      1. I think my blog still has problems receiving comments, I still can’t find your comment anywhere ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Thanks for bringing this to my attention though! We shall talk more about anime soon โค

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      1. awesome!! high five!! when in New York City i went to Alice’s Teacup for a fancy tea party it was amazing! i hope to do it again in future. have you been to Alice themed places around you? i am digressing here!

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      2. thank you sweetie but i like to keep my blog award free, such an honour from you, i do appreciate your thoughtfulness. oh one day you must! i know you will too!

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