Happy birthday Kakuzu ✨

Dear Kakuzu,

I don’t really know how old you are now, or would be this day, but still a very fond happy birthday to you! You know, even if you a loser and an evil person, I still like you a lot! A very happy birthday to you and keep on shining! ✨

I know, you don’t at all like lavish gifts, so just a simple card for you, based on how I think you used to look at the older days…

Here is it…. Copyrights: Dragon Warrior

Warm regards to you and many wishes on your birthday!


61 thoughts on “Happy birthday Kakuzu ✨

      1. Umm… would you please wait a bit? I am actually snowed with work, currently, and maybe I’d be a bit late. I am so sorry, but I really, really promise, I would do it very soon 😀 🙂


      1. Yeah, even Brooklyn is good. By the way, before I was talking to you I was suffering from boredom because I am in my grandmothers house.

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      2. Successful? You make me blush.
        Well, I started my journey on 16 June 2019… And then I was doubtful anyone would like me. Yet, I started browsing the Reader’s place to find my interests. And then, I made many friends. 🙂
        Well, I would say challenges helped me a lot to know the blogging world! If you want, I can suggest you some 🙂


      3. I am not joking you are a successful and a talented poet. Can you please tell some of your followers so that I can follow them.( if you don’t mind)

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      4. He is a lot better writer than me, I am not a good writer. Even, you are one of my favourite


      1. Yup yup Sophie! Always blown away with your awesome rich inner world and your amazing planet …. I am so happy to meet many more of your friends and boy, are they so honored to have a special place in your lovely world!

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      2. Well, Kakuzu is an anime character from Naruto… 🙂
        But thank you so much, all the same! 🙂 I really love how you talk and I would really love to have you as a companion in my world 🙂


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