Welcome To the Ijin World: Guest Post by Tatsuya

Hello, mates, Prince Tatsuya Tuorin here! My first own journey in the Den Of Dreams actually ๐Ÿ™‚ I started this mostly for Crimson Prose, an silvery blogger, to whom I pledge my gratitude. Crimson, I was wondering what you may like until I realised that you like history and culture.

Now, dear mates, you are going to enter deep, deep below the seas, into coral kingdoms, to experience the legendary and magical creatures called Ijins… Hold your breath, there we go…

My first ever water colour painting, dated 25th August 2018.
Copyrights: Dragon Warrior

Ijins are really small creatures, barely 10 cm of height, and represent the 7 colours of the rainbow— Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Red— and the 7 Special colours— Silver, Brown, Black, Grey, Gold, Turquoise, Pink. Each of the Special colours has a special purpose and own task to do. They travel on jellyfishes and sea horses and use the tiny little sea-shells (well, for them, sea shells aren’t tiny at all) as money. Do you see the coral all around? They are the houses and every building of the Ijin folks.

After every 7 months, there a festival, the main festival held for Ijins. It’s called the Feast and goes on for 7 days in the elegant royal place. Surely it’s fun! Even prisoners are released for enjoying these days. (I have been there once, and it was great fun! Next one is in October this year, you may join in too ๐Ÿ™‚ )

Well, mates, today, for this post I’m in charge of comments. Feel free to ask any question! I would be more than happy, for, it is perhaps a once-a-lifetime occasion. ๐Ÿ™‚

Have a silvery day ahead!

~Tatsuya Tuorin.


39 thoughts on “Welcome To the Ijin World: Guest Post by Tatsuya

    1. You are more than welcome to join, mate, the Festival starts on 1st Oct- to 7th Oct. I’ll call you silvery sure at that time!
      Keep shining till then, mate. And any questions about them, I’m more than ready to answer! Thanks a bunch for reading
      ~Tatsuya Tuorin

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    1. ใฉใ†ใ‚‚ใ‚ใ‚ŠใŒใจใ†ใ”ใ–ใ„ใพใ™๏ผ่ฟทๆƒ‘ใƒกใƒผใƒซใƒ•ใ‚ฉใƒซใƒ€ใ‚’ไธ€ๅบฆ็ขบ่ชใ—ใฆใใ ใ•ใ„ใ€‚็งใฎใ‚ณใƒกใƒณใƒˆใฏใใ“ใซ่กŒใฃใŸใจๆ€ใ†:(

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  1. Prince Tatsuya Tuorin, I very much enjoyed the read of this, your first post and am intrigued by the seven colours of the Ijins, and the feast held every seventh month. I might hazard a guess, and conclude that for Ijins seven is a sacred number. Is this for the same reason it is held sacred amongst many cultures in our world? For the four cardinal directions, plus one above, one below, and the one at the centre?

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    1. I thank you deeply m’lady. It’s a great opportunities to talk with someone. Seven is surely a lucky number here, a shining guess you have! For us (my origins root to Ijin too) seven is lucky for the rainbow. But around the Earth, legends are different. I read at one place, God created 6 days and rested on 7th. In Bible, 7 is the symbol of perfectionism.
      In Judaism and Islam book of Quaran, there are 7 heavens. In Confucian culture, yin and Yang along with the 5 elements, make up 7.
      I am afraid, but I have no idea about direction. Keep shining! My greatest pleasure meeting you, m’lady
      ~Tatsuya Tuorin

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  2. A prince? I believe I’ve heard your name before. Well met, well met. Do people of your kingdom visit the Ijin often, or is this a unique occasion? Do they interact with others often? I don’t wish to intrude on their home, but I am very curious about them.

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    1. To come upon by your questions, is the greatest pleasure I’ve had since a long time, m’lady.
      We Tuorins (the descendants of the Silver Ijins) generally love to answer questions, and to interact with someone from Earth is very special indeed.
      I am quite sure you had heard my name, m’lady, in this blog for Dragon Warrior had posted a painting and some poems of mine. I am grateful that you remember me.
      The common people of our empire visit the Ijin reefs rarely but we, the royal people, can do that anytime. I can shapeshift anytime and meet them often.
      In our royal clan, we interact as and when we want. I am quite good friends with the Silver Ijins there and we talk often.
      Certainly you are not intruding at our homes. We all love guests and to be present in your curiousity is a great luck.
      I thank you deeply and may you keep shining.

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      1. Oh, I see. I understand much better now. No wonder silver is so important, if Tourins were descended from the Silver Ijins! I appreciate your kindness and the thoroughness of your answers, your highness. I hope we meet again some day. I travel many strange worlds, you know–it is not so unlikely. Until then!

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      2. Your highness? M’lady, I thank you deeply but nobody calls me that. I am just Tatsuya for anyone and everyone of my empire and beyond. I would love to read about your journeys someday, m’lady. Meeting you was a shining gift my Silver stars had gifted.
        Keep shining! And I thank you again for making my day.
        ~ Tatsuya

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    1. I am deeply honoured to have you with us, m’lady. There are two portals to The Feast, one at Earth (Great Barrier Reef, Australia) and one at Cygnet (Raisen Reef, Tuorin Empire). At Earth, you might face some problems with size but at Cygnet, we have magic to fix it.
      And I deeply thank you for the compliment too, it was my earliest painting with water colour in Aug 2018.
      Keep shining!
      ~ Tatsuya

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    1. I thank you deeply, m’lady. There are two getaways for the feast. One at Great Barrier Reef in Earth, and another at Raisen Reef, in Cygnet. We don’t have any control over the Earth half, but at Cygnet, we can certainly have the pleasure of meeting you. At Ijin world, you would not need to hold your breath, m’lady.
      And to participate, your wish is enough. I would be right there for anything needed.
      Thank you again, m’lady.
      Keep shining!
      ~ Tatsuya

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