Myself A to Z… continuation

Again I am back with facts about myself! Let’s start right away from where I left…

F is for Fantasy and Family.

By now, you must be guessing that I love the genre fantasy so much! Yes, I truly love all the magical worlds they build, all the magical races and food and people and languages and… everything! But dragons and quests are the very basics of Fantasy for me and I can’t believe that it could be fantasy without them.

And my family is really everything to me! There are 4 people in my family, the two most extra-ordinary parents and a beloved younger sister. They are my life and I can’t live without them! ❤

G is for Goals and Gratitude

Well, I really love to set goals for myself and most of the time, I don’t fulfill them… My greatest goal is to become a children’s author and I’m trying my best to work towards it…J

And I place gratitude very high in my moral list. Totally agree with Samuel Johnson’s, ‘Gratitude is the fruit of great cultivation’. I try to express my gratitude to every person in my life but as an introvert, I am not very fine in expressing my heart-felt emotions. So, dear reader, let me say you a BIG thank you for reading this!

H is for History and Hand-written

History is no wonder my favourite subject, after literature. It’s such a great time-traveller and helps me visit nooks and crannies of bygone eras. Among all periods of history, my favourite time is the medieval age with all emperors, castles and dungeons.

And I love everything hand-written! Even a small hand-written letter can cheer my mood in gloomiest times and I prefer to keep my notes and diary entries all hand-written since they do bring back nostalgic memories

I is Imagination and Introvert

Here I can proudly say, I have a vast ocean of imagination (sorry, if I’m bragging but I really pride on my imagination). I love dwelling among caves and dens and huts and castles of my imaginary world. But this day-dreaming does get me trouble sometimes too because I can’t focus on studies and school. 🙂

And by now, since I’ve told it about a million times, everybody perhaps knows that I’m an introvert. Well, I don’t like being in crowds, I don’t like those useless, boring chit-chats and I don’t like those “overly-social” gatherings. But I love to write and connect to as many people I can with similar interest…

J is for Journal and Journeys

My dear journal is my best friend in this whole wide world. I share my every feelings, every emotions to it as if it were a human. Till now, I’ve completed 6 journals and writing 7th one now. Do you keep a journal too? I do love reading all sorts of diaries and journals.

And I love all sorts of journeys too! Be it a short hike in the woods or a long trek in the mountains, I love it all. I like keeping an account of my journeys too in my travel journal and reading other people’s amazing adventures.

(Maybe tomorrow, I’ll tell you about myself from K to O J )

Goodbye and have a great day! Hoping to hear from you too! 🙂


Myself, A to Z

Recently, I’ve been following an amazing blogger, Tatterhood, and got inspired by her to write a bit about myself.

A picture I drew…

Here everything about me, from A to Z…

A is for Anime and Aliases

I am really a big otaku, and Dororo and Naruto are my absolute favourites. I am really fond of Tahomaru from Dororo (2019) and Akatsuki from Naruto.

I also love to be shrouded in mysteries and maybe that’s why I choose so many aliases and false-names. Dragon Warrior is certainly one of my favourite one J

B is for Books and Beasts

I am an avid reader and love reading all sorts of books. Well, I confess, I still love to read good children’s book, especially quests.

And about beasts… well, I love each and every beast on earth. Be it good or bad, tame or wild. And I love mythical beasts too, especially, dragons and phoenix and selkies and will-o-wisps.

C is for Crickets and Chocolates.

These are certainly two things I’m greatly addicted to.

I watch cricket almost daily, especially, when World Cup2019 is going on. I am supporting Australia, New Zealand and England. My favourite players are Pat Cummins and Alex Carey and Jos Butler and Eoin Morgan.

And about chocolates… well, I’ll be happy to eat one every day! Cadbury is my favourite brand and I prefer milk chocolate over milk chocolate.

D is for Dreamer and Dragons

I guess, this is the one you can understand very easily from my title J I really love to dream both at night and day, and follow my mind its bizarre travels.

And I’ve got a bunch of imaginary dragons… My favourite one is a big, copper coloured guy, who can shapeshift into human. He’s called Drake and is the leader of the Dragon Tribe.

E is for Emails and Environment

I really love to check my emails and do that every fifteen minutes when at home.J My mailbox is filled mostly with the amazing updates of my blog and reader’s lists.

And since I truly love our environment and would go to any limit to protect it. I truly believe this world is not only for us, but also for all the other plant and animal friends. We all must save Mother Environment!

    (Maybe tomorrow, I’ll tell you about myself from F to J…J)

A Letter For You

Dear Reader,

I love getting to know many people and I shall greatly delighted to know more about you! Let’s all write a posts featuring ‘A to Z about myself’ and maybe you could share the links in the comments so that we all can have a peek in it! J

Thank You,

Dragon Warrior