It’s Been A Year!

And so, finally it’s been a year!

Summer greetings to all of my beloved friends in WordPress. Today is really a great day for me because my little Den of Dreams is one year old now!

I really want to thank all those 607 people who have joined me in my journey and stayed with me through thick and thin, and 5619 visitors who came to see my place.

Thank you so much!

Thanks! Copyrights: Dragon Warrior

I guess, it’s not possible for me to thank every person I know here, much as I would like to, so I guess, I will just whisper the name for a few people who made my journey in WordPress unforgettable.

Crispina Kemp, Renee, Yeka Elyan White, Steve and Muffin, Tatterhood, Sheree, Ceridwensilverhart, James, Tiger and there’s so many people I could say.

Everyone of you make my day. Thank you so much for being there with me ❤

Warmest regards and may you have a great day,

Dragon Warrior


Special Blogger Award for the second time

Again, I begin with an apology for being so late 😦

Thank you so much Wolf Boy, for nominating me for this award!

Dear Wolf Boy, you are my favourite blogger and it’s no secret, and I really thank you for your nomination! You are honest, straight-forward, victorious in your struggles and a caring person.

You certainly hold a very special position on my heart and I thank you deeply!

Award Rules:

  1. Thanks the blogger who nominated you.
  2. Answer the questions you are asked ( if you’re comfortable doing so!)
  3. Create 10 questions for the bloggers you’ve nominated.
  4. Nominate at least 3 bloggers for the Special Blogger Award.
  5. Comment on your nominees most recent blog post to let them know you’ve nominated.
  6. Have a fun

Thank you so much Wolf Boy!

The Questions:

You’re on your way to work and you see a yellow light ahead. Do you gun it and make the light or cautiously wait for the red?

Cautiously wait for the red…

A burglar has broken into your building right now. What’s the closest object you use as a weapon?

My pen, perhaps? Or the stone I had accidently picked on the road.

You’ve just discovered that you can freeze time. What’s the first thing you do with this power?

I freeze the nature to get the perfect picture

What’s a habit you have or a thing you do which others might consider weird?

I talk to myself as if I am talking to a hundred other person

What’s a song that you like but you’re embarrassed to admit it?

 小夜子 (Sayoko, which is a girl’s name meaning Evening Child) by Shamuon
which is actually a song about depression.

What’s one skill you’d love to learn, but just haven’t devoted the time to it?


How do you deal with a stressful day?

Journal to myself or blog

Least favorite vegetable?

Carrot 😦 (I think they smell like horses)

Least favorite animal?

Umm… perhaps those cruel, selfish men who can just toy with others for their fun (aren’t we animals too?)

If you’d won the lottery would you share the jackpot with me?

Why, surely! You are so good 🙂

My Nominees:

  1. Gee Jen, a special woman who has a most amazing farm and has parted me with great knowledge.
  2. Jessica E Larsen, a special, amazing author with a bubbly and great personality
  3. Outosego, a special, talented, knowledgeable blogger who is always great to talk with

My Questions:

  1. What is your favourite hangout place in your town?
  2. What is your favourite weather and season?
  3. Favourite travel destination?
  4. Do you watch cricket? Any favourite cricketer?
  5. What is your favourite river?
  6. Do you like sunrise by the sea? Any special memory related to it?
  7. Favourite thing about your culture?
  8. Do you like parties?
  9. How do you celebrate your birthdays?
  10. How was your school days?

Thank you to anyone who was reading this! Happy weekend 🙂

Sunshine Blogger Award

At first, a quick apology to Steve for being so late! This is my very first Sunshine Blogger Award and I was more than excited to participate! But the exams fell on and ruined all my plans. 😦

But even though I am late, my gratitude is unchanged… Thank you so much Steve! You have showered a broad array of sunshine in a very rainy day. Thank you so much for fetching me A Smile As Wide As A Countryside Sunrise!

You are always so cheerful and warm our moods. A very great company and a very good friend! A big THANK YOU to you! And oh, meow meow, meow! Thanks Muffin 🙂


1. Use the sunshine blogger award logo

2. Give thanks to the blogger that nominated you

3. Answer the 11 questions given to you

4. Nominate 11 other bloggers and ask them 11 questions

Thank You So Much Steve!

Do you collect anything?

Oh yes, lots of things! Journals, pens, my (late, who died when my father was 8) grandmother’s every details and lots of feathers. 🙂

Do you like to keep your home ‘full’ but orderly, or do you prefer a minimalist look?

Maybe full with lots of antiques and ancient things. Old broken furniture are a great addition too.

What would be your favorite color for your bedroom, kitchen, living room?

I know, it’s crazy, but black 🙂

Do you enjoy going for walks?

Yes 🙂

Do you enjoy hiking?

Very much, especially in tough, adventurous trails in hillside

Do you like to spend time outside each day?

Well, it depends on the day and where am I. If I’m at the hillside, then yes, and otherwise… I like to tuck in my bed with a book or journal or blog 🙂

Do you like house plants?

Very much! Plants are my very close friends 🙂

Do you have a pet? What is it?

Well, I don’t have any 😦 But wait, do imaginary pets count? 😉

Early morning, day, evening, or night person?

Night person for studying and blogging but early morning person for enjoying nature and journalling. 🙂

What time of day do you enjoy walking?

Early morning with no one to meet at the road.

What is it about my blog that keeps bringing you back?

A lot many things! Your cheerful nature, your great writing and obviously, Muffin 🙂


  1. Wolf Boy, who is a bright sunshine and a treasure in the blogging world.
  2. Renee, who had once brought a big, bright array of sunshine to a young girl, weeping to herself.
  3. Nina Zain, a brilliant ray of sunshine, full of compassion and warmth
  4. Orkidedatter, a truly lovely, compassionate and amazing woman!
  5. Elyan White, a very great author with great tips about the writing world.
  6. Introvert Talent, a very pleasing friend and a fellow introvert.
  7. Tatterhood, a very warm, awesome, admiring woman.
  8. Sarika, a lovely, great poetess who’s really good and charming
  9. Sheree, an amazing woman, a creative cook, and a world-class traveller 🙂
  10. Ron, a male Warrior and Dragon Slayer and a crafty wordsmith.
  11. And anyone who is reading it…

My Questions:

  1. If you had a time machine and could go anywhere, where would you go?
  2. Three things for deserted island?
  3. When is your birthday?
  4. What is your favourite chemical element? (for example, Fluorine, Carbon, Oxygen, Hydrogen)
  5. What is your favourite landform? (like hills, valleys, oceans, coasts, delta)
  6. Something you wish more people would know about you?
  7. Do you have a lucky charm?
  8. Where was your childhood home?
  9. Your favourite subject to study?
  10. What did you want to become as a kid?
  11. Do you wish to go to school again?

Thank you again Steve!

And thank you everyone, for reading! ❤ 🙂