Crimson’s Creative Challenge: The Forgotten Trail

Thank you so much Crimson for hosting this challenge.

The Forgotten Trail

~ a verse by Tatsuya

Hiking forth, I stumbled upon

A thin trail, left alone,

Twigs and weeds, grown all around

That scratch and I frown,

At the edgy ground,

Until I see a flight of stairs.

Small stairs, Stones stairs.

Who knows they lead to where,

And yet, to the unknown, I follow.

Dark and creepy, the stairs went,

To a place I never knew or came upon,

Fantastic beasts I met,

Fantastic places, a purple sun

And blue grass, and roaming stouts

I had come upon a land of great adventure,

But alas, I did not know a way out!


Crimson’s Creative Challenge: Tale of a Snail

Thank you so much, Crispina, for your Creative Challenge!


Tale of a Snail

A little umbrella,

By the sea,

Watching the waves passing by,

There, goes wind, carrying me,

There I fly,

Deep into the sand,

There comes a big cruel human,

She picks me up in her hand,

And breaks my shell.

Down, I fell,


There goes my last silent cries,


As the wind passing softly by the shore.

The little umbrella nods softly,

the little waves lap softly,

And my little shell is thrown again.

The human is not interested anymore.

After thoughts:

The picture really brought me back memories of beaches… I, myself, love to collect sea shells, but only of dead beings. There are people, I know, though, who just kill these little snails and oysters just for “fun” and then throw it away when bored. I really believe those people must be punished.