Diary of Kain, page 4

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9th July, 2019

Dear Diary,

I know, day by day, my entries to you are getting fewer and fewer… I am really sorry for that but you see, we are so busy about our shifting! It really pains me, to think we can’t live in this valley anymore. I can’t run in the soft grasses in the meadows, I can’t ramble all day long or watch the sunrise and sunset over the hues of the hills… Every day, my parents are taking tours on carts to the Linnet Town and shifting bit by bit. I am alone at home, most of the times, clearing attic and sheds.

Today, however, I have skipped most of my chores. Why? Today is ICC World Cup 1st semi-finals! India vs New Zealand! I am praying to God that New Zealand wins! Speaking of the world cup, I have already made a new friend at Linnet Town! He is a Euclonic (a different religion) but loves the World Cup just as much as I do! He is supporting Australia and said, if the Aussies lost, he would die. Isn’t it too much? He is 20 year old and much older than me. I too wish Aussies would win the World Cup. Either NZ or England can be runner-up. Really, these fellows from Earth have invented such interesting games… Why don’t we have such in our Cygnet? But luckily I’ve heard, in Linnet Town, every year they have a Dragon Race. Now that would be interesting! Oh, I am excited and disappointed at the same time.

By the way, I had found a rusty tin box in our shed. After my parents return, I’ll open it. Maybe it’s just a piece of old junk but I believe there’s some adventure in it!





Diary of Kain… Page 3

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6th July

Dear diary,

Sorry for no talk for a long time. Been a bit busy. We are shifting from our valley to Linnet Town. Really busy.

By the way, Australia, England and New Zealand have been to semis! Yeah! Writing lots of poems and stories nowadays. Not doing much study. Will talk to you later. Nothing interesting here.



Diary of Kain Page 2

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30th June, 2019

Dear Diary,

Very disappointed today. Couldn’t go to the city because of extra-homework. Parents went, but the stationary shop was closed. Last week this happened too. 😦

Now the homework is not complete even! I’m quite sad. On Tuesday, we will go out somewhere because today my parents had to go to work because of emergency.

The woods are looking very fresh, by the way. Maybe it’s the rain. There weren’t any landslides. A few pine trees have fallen down, though.

By the way, I found an odd turquoise coloured feather. I like collecting feathers! Maybe it belongs to a magical bird!

A bit tensed about today’s world cup match, IND VS ENG. I wish England would win! Can’t wait to see Butler, Morgan, Root, Roy, Stokes and many more.

Maybe something interesting will happen today evening! I hope so.




Diary Of Kain… Page 1

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29th June 2019

Dear Diary,

Today is quite cold. Stormed a bit in the evening. Hope we aren’t going to get landslides in this valley. I hope the roads don’t block off.

Tomorrow is Sunday. It’s my favourite day, you know. All our week’s shopping depends on this day. There are no shops in our valley, except a few farmhouses (they aren’t proper shops either). Every Sunday, we go to the nearest town to buy things, you know. Tomorrow, I’ll buy myself a few little notebooks and pens. I love making bullet journals!

By the way, today I saw a RaashiKen. Do you know what it is? It’s a large beast that looks like mountain of clouds. Very large but really kind. Father was out in the storm and RaashiKen saved him. In return, I made him a wood-carved statue of him. He seemed so happy! I hope to see him again.

Till then,

Good night,


Diary Of Kain

Let me tell you, I have got a big bunch of imaginary friends living in an imaginary world. One of them, Kain, a blue-haired guy who’s a dreamer like me has just started a diary. I really hope you enjoy it! 🙂

A Brief Start

29th June 2019

Dear Diary,

You know, writing to you is quite a strange experience. Writing to a big, fat notebook is really odd. Especially when you are usually a real shy guy, bit of a muddle-head and not really confident about your way of writing… And moreover… I’m quite sure nobody would be a bit interested in the random musings of a petty nature-loving, all day-dreaming little boy.

But well, I’ll be a little selfish here. I’m a bit lonely and really want someone to stay beside me. So, dear diary, could you be that someone?

Myself, as I drew

But well, I’ll be a little selfish here. I’m a bit lonely and really want someone to stay beside me. So, dear diary, could you be that someone?

Let me tell you a bit about myself. I am Kain, a 14 year boy who lives in a quiet, sleepy valley. My life’s quite simple, you see, just 5 meals a day, at least a dozen dishes of meat, school, wood-carvings and long wanderings in the woods.

I’ve got a little family. Mother, Father and me. Both of them are wood-carvers and I want to be one too.

Father is my best friend, but since he’s a bit older than me and stays away most of time, I can’t really share everything with him.

Well, this was just the introduction. Let’s get into crazier things…

Would you believe if I tell you I’ve seen a dragon? Or that I’ve found a feather of phoenix? Or that I absolutely love writing? Or I’ve wandered into Forbidden Forests?

Well, most peoples never do believe me, you know. So I hope you don’t mind me spoiling you with this “discoveries” and random musings. 🙂


Yours truly,