Liebster Award

A very big thank you to Jyoti for nominating me for my fifth Liebster Award! And for this one, we have my imaginary friend Tatsuya too…

Jyoti, is a really bubbly and sparkly girl with amazing personality and lots of friends! She’s really fun to talk with and a Potterhead.

Thank you so much Jyoti!

The Rules are:

1. Thank the blogger(s) who nominated you.

2. Share 11 facts about yourself.

3. Answer the 11 questions the blogger(s) asked you.

4. Nominate 11 bloggers and make them happy!!

5. Make up to 11 questions and ask them to your nominees.

Thank You So Much Jyoti!

Well, I think since the last few days I am talking a bit too much about myself, so this time, I’d let Tatsuya do this for me. 😀


Here I go:

11 Facts about Myself

  1. I am a descendant of Silver Ijins and a prince
  2. I am very protective of my friends
  3. I am a guy yet have a male crush (yaoi) Love has no boundaries.
  4. My favourite bloggers from Earth are Elyan White, Yeka and Crimson Prose.
  5. I love gardening
  6. I am often called “Prince Charming” by my female classmates
  7. I am fond of singing
  8. I have a clear Silver accent
  9. I can teleport at will
  10. I write poems when I am sad
  11. I am often compared with the wind

The Questions

Have you ever read the book of Harry Potter or seen the movie of it? If yes, who is your favorite character?

Dragon Warrior: I have read The Philosopher’s Stone, but well… I am sorry to all Potterheads, didn’t like it at all 😦 I won’t read another Harry Potter book, ever. But Ginny Weasley is quite nice.

Tatsuya: I’m from Cygnet, m’lady, so a bit faraway from books of Earth.

If you like a girl/ boy how you would approach him/ her? If you are married then, tell what you would do if you are not married?

Dragon Warrior: Umm… very hard question, for I’ve never have experience like this 😦 Perhaps I would try my best to stay normal and not blush too much.

Tatsuya: There’s already a guy there, m’lady, and I approach him everyday. My senior actually. I am 15 year old prince, he’s a 22 year old writer. I’ve already confessed and he’s a guy to shy in front of me. Just be like the breeze. Frank and steady.

Your friends find you which type of person?

Dragon Warrior: Certainly not the one I seem from outside.

Tatsuya: Just like the breeze, m’lady. And the female friends call me “Prince Charming” like I said. *I am the most popular guy in my class*

Do you want to own a dream house or dream car? Choose one!

Dragon Warrior: Dream house

Tatsuya: Actually none, m’lady. I have a huge palace at a number of places and I can teleport to any place.

Do you believe in aliens?

Dragon warrior: Certainly, I am one myself.

Tatsuya: Yes, m’lady, I have talked with many a earthling myself.

Why do you follow my blog?

Dragon Warrior: Because you are a very friendly and cheerful girl 🙂

Tatsuya: You are quite amazing, m’lady.

Why should I follow your blog?

Dragon Warrior: That’s something I would like to hear from you… 🙂

Tatsuya: Well, m’lady, my blog still hasn’t come to Earth.

Any one thing which you want to eradicate from this world?

Dragon warrior: The concept of countries

Tatsuya: The concept that “Girls will love guys and guys will love girls” C’mon, let’s think out of the box. Why so stereotypes? Who says a prince has to love a princess? A prince with a prince, for me.

You are in a new to a place and you do not know the people of that area very well. You went to a restaurant and when you were about to pay bill, you found that you have no money and no phone! What would you do to pay the bill?

Dragon Warrior: Credit card

Tatsuya: Teleport to my house and return back with precious gems.

What do you like more- sunrise or sunset? Choose XD.

Dragon warrior: Since I can’t get up very quickly, sunset

Tatsuya: Sunrise, m’lady.

Okay, a simple question:

Suppose you are a police officer. You have a best friend with whom you have spent last 10 years and many good moments. One day, in a mission you got to know that he is a criminal. Were you will be able to kill him?

Dragon Warrior: No, never. I can never kill my best friend.

Tatsuya: No, m’lady, we are more loyal than anything. Our culture says loyalty first and then comes other things.

Our Nominees:

  1. Elyan White
  2. Ami
  3. Katie Kay
  4. Steve
  5. Jessica
  6. Saania
  7. Fandango
  8. Wolf Boy
  9. Calum Murphy

Anyone else who wishes too 🙂 (Just comment me your name and I’d put an official nomination here <3) {We would be really really grateful if you answer!}

Our Questions:

  1. Introvert or Extrovert?
  2. Do you listen to your head or heart?
  3. Do you worry more about future or present?
  4. Prospecting or Judgemental?
  5. Ocean or hills?
  6. Family or friends?
  7. Courage or Acceptance?
  8. Fire or Water?
  9. Science or History?
  10. Underground or underwater?
  11. Lighter shades or darker shades

Liebster Award

A very big thank you to our beloved Sheree from the View from the Back for this award! She’s a brilliant blogger, always cheerful, supportive, with very interesting travels all around the world, and really good recipes and photographs… Thank you so much for being a part of blogosphere and I am counting my lucky stars that I have met you.

The Rules:

1. Thank the Blogger who nominated you.

2. Share 11 facts about yourself.

3. Answer the questions the blogger asked you.

4. Nominate 11 lucky bloggers and make them happy.

5. Ask your nominees 11 further questions.

6. Notify your 11 nominees.

Thank you so much Sheree!

Facts about Myself…

  1. I express myself through my imaginary friends.
  2. I love watching cricket.
  3. My favourite anime till now is Dororo (2019) and Naruto
  4. I love meeting new people around the blogging world
  5. I am making my own language
  6. Whenever I am sad, I write poems (perhaps that’s why they are dark so much)
  7. I truly believe in equality
  8. I am big dreamer, and once saw a fellow blogger, Sheree in my dream.
  9. My lucky number is 7
  10. I love mystery and antiques and ruins
  11. I value gratitude and compassion the most in my life.

Questions by Sheree:

1. If you had the ability to turn back time, what time period would you return to and why?

 Age of 11, preteen, where I made most wrong decisions.

2. You have the opportunity to make up a word and have it added to the dictionary. What would it be and what does it mean? Give examples of its use.

It is a most interesting question! A few years back, I used to keep a long list of words. I am even making a language for our world. 🙂 Well, I’d choose Quya, which refers to a complex and contradictory person, for example, very emotional, yet unable to describe one’s emotions, very sympathetic, yet antipathetic. (actually my communities’ name is also Quya)

3. You’ve been gifted a plot of land on which you can grow vegetables and herbs. What would you grow and why?

I am not very fond of vegetables and not a good gardener indeed. 🙂

4. Have you ever visited a place just because someone wrote about it on their blog. If so, where was that place?

Not yet, but I am quite new to blogging. I would love to visit a lot of places though!

5. You have the chance to live someone else’s life for a year. Who would you like to be and why?

 Well, I am quite happy in my skin. 🙂 But I would like to be a little kid with no worries 

My Nominees:

  1. Yeka, a most amazing and wonderful woman that I have the luck to meet. Very encouraging and a true warrior.
  2. William Johnson, a very young talented writer, who certainly deserves more praises.
  3. Tiger Anime, my new friend in Word Press, who writes about anime
  4. Mr Holliman, an amazing man with great posts and really cool recipe too.
  5. Red Rider, an amazing man, I really like his ramblings and every talks with him.
  6. Jyoti, a sweet, bubbly school girl, who’s already to have a warm chat.
  7. PJ, a new blogging friend whom I feel is amazing already.
  8. The Mush from the Hill, an amazing poet who has magic in his words.
  9. Gina, another amazing poet and a really wonderful person.
  10. Enzo Martinelli, amazing person with great interests and amazing taste of arts.
  11. Rising Star, who really is a Rising Star in the blogging world!

+ Anyone who wishes to! 🙂 (I would be really happy if you do ❤ )

My Questions:

  1. What is your favourite song?
  2. Favourite travel destination?
  3. Favourite movie?
  4. Favourite fictional character and why?
  5. Your biggest dream?
  6. Do you believe in magic?
  7. Would you like to come to our planet Cygnet? (a magical world in my mind)
  8. Something you cherish?
  9. Childhood favourite TV show?
  10. Something you think the whole world needs to know?
  11. Something about yourself you would like to change?

Thank you again Sheree!

A Hatrick of Liebster Award! Yay!

Now I’m trying too happy for words! I got the Liebster Award for the third time! Thank you so much, Jyoti (, for nominating me!

Jyoti is a talented teenager who has a great blog! She’s a good poet, loves Harry Potter and photography.

Thank You Jyoti!

Since you are an Indian, I’d like to thank you in 11 Indian languages…

  1. Hindi: Shukriya
  2. Arabic: Shukran
  3. Bengali: Dhanyabad
  4. Punjab: Dannvaad
  5. Telugu: Dhanyavaadaalu
  6. Marathi: Abhari ahi
  7. Tamil: Nandri
  8. Kannada: Thumba Danyavaadagalu (Many Thanks)
  9. Gujarathi – Aabar
  10. Malayalam – Nandi
  11. Persian– Mo’teshake’ram


  1. Say ‘Thank you’ to the Blogger who nominated you.
  2. Share 11 facts about yourself.
  3. Answer the questions the blogger asked you.
  4. Nominate 11 lucky bloggers and make them happy.
  5. Ask 11questions to your nominees.
  6. Notify your 11 nominees.

11 facts about me:

  1. I like Lord of the Rings
  2. I love my spectacles
  3. I love old houses or cottages
  4. I love the ancient and medieval period, Daimyos of Japan, to Mughals of India to King Arthur’s round table knights
  5. I’d love to live in a ruined house
  6. People tend to think I’m younger than my age (I’ve even been called a twin to my sister, who is 4 years younger than me)
  7. I love everything unique
  8. I love utaites, especially Shamuon
  9. I often have bizarre dreams
  10. I love drawing people in manga version
  11. I often become so overwhelmed, I can’t express my emotions

The Questions…

Which is your favorite subject and why?

History, because it helps me to transport to different realms and literature or language, because it helps to express myself.

A song which describe your feelings the most!

Umm… I don’t think there’s any thing yet. And it depends on time. But Fight Song is great and Viator by Rhinos, perhaps. Currently, Let It Go and How Far I Go.

Favorite emoji.


If you have a chance to meet one of your followers in blog, whom do you want to meet!

That’s quite a tough question. I’d like to meet all of them but perhaps Tatterhood ( 🙂

Do you like antiques?

No. I LOVE them! Especially, adventurous things!

Favorite daily outfit.

T-shirt and trackpants

If you are going to date, what would you like to wear?

I would never go to a date, most probably 🙂

What is the good thing you are doing nowadays?

Blogging and journalling

Do you know how to swim?

No, absolutely not.

Who is the most adorable person you have ever seen and why do like him/ her?

My younger sister. Always beside me, always understanding me. ❤

Do you like to take selfies?

Not much. I rather like clicking other’s picture 🙂

My Nominees

Well, I had already nominated 22 people before, so, this time it’s just 7 + anyone who would like to answer (I hope you would!)

  1. Rulebook:
  2. Karleyyalday:
  3. Fractured Faith:
  4. M Taggart:
  5. Aleahsator:
  6. Betul:
  7. Vartika:

My Questions:

  1. What is your MBTI type?
  2. Favourite food?
  3. A song to cheer up your mood?
  4. Biggest dream?
  5. Favourite restaurent?
  6. Dream house?
  7. How many languages do you know?
  8. Choose one: Ghosts, adventure, animals, sky, or technology?
  9. Favourite season?
  10. Something you would like to steal?
  11. Favourite genre?

Have a great weekend and have fun!

Liebster Award for the Second Time!!

Can’t really believe I have got my second award! How can I ever thank you Steve? 🙂

He’s Yan!
Copyright: Dragon Warrior

Thank you so much Steve, for nominating me in this award! Your blog, is really so creative and amazing! Greetings to Muffin too! I hope you get 500 followers soon! I really want to thank you so let me convey it in 11 languages…

  1. Japanese: Domo Arigatou!
  2. German: Danke Sehr!
  3. Spanish: Gracias
  4. Italian: Grazie
  5. Greek: Efharisto 
  6. Hebrew: Toda
  7. French: Merci Beaucoup
  8. Russian: Spasiba 
  9. Icelandic: Takk
  10. Thai: Khop Khun Mak Kha
  11. Maori: Mihi koe

The Rules:

1. Thank the blogger(s) who nominated you.

2. Share 11 facts about yourself.

3. Answer the 11 questions the blogger(s) asked you.

4. Nominate 11 bloggers and make them happy!!

5. Make up to 11 questions and ask them to your nominees!

6. Notify your 11 nominees.

Thank you again Steve!

11 Facts about me:

  1. I still love to read children’s fiction
  2. I don’t really believe in the concept of countries.
  3. When I smile, I have a dimple in left cheek
  4. I resemble my paternal grandmother so much that many people say I’m her recarnation
  5. I like dinosaurs, mummies and mysterious objects.
  6. I like little notebooks, bullet journals and such
  7. My MBTI is INFP, Mediator
  8. I like observing things
  9. Love coffee!
  10. I can sympathize with anybody, even villains of stories
  11. I don’t like cliches of Chosen One and Mary Sue

Answering Steve’s Questions…

What is your favorite color?

Different shades of blue! Black and turquoise are great too 🙂

Do you like animals?

Oh yes! We are animals too 🙂

Do you have a favorite animal?

Dragons perhaps? 😉

Do you have a pet?


Do you enjoy vacations?

I really love vacations! Especially to hill stations ^^

Do you like short (1 week) or long (3 weeks or more) vacations?

Short vacations… Usually up to 4 days.

Do you prefer to stay in your own country for vacations or go to other countries?

Sorry, but I don’t believe in countries. I would love to travel all around Earth and beyond if possible! 🙂

Do you enjoy flying?

In airplanes… Not much. But if I had wings… that would be an exciting thing! 🙂

When did you start blogging?

16 June 2019

Why did you start blogging?

Well, to begin with, it was a school task! But I had always loved writing and sometimes wanted to show them to the world. Also, I wanted to find someone like me with similar interests 🙂 ^^

Why do you follow my blog? 

Your blog is so creative and amazing! It refreshes me up and I like each and every post of yours. Muffin is great too! ^^

My Nominees

  1. Outseago ( A really interesting person
  2. NZain ( Who always has something inspiring to tell
  3. Heartbreak ( A new blogger, who is very caring
  4. Sania ( who is a really great companion!
  5. Buddy 71 ( Who has great refreshing posts and pictures
  6. Renard ( Who always has great tips for blogging
  7. Nz ( One of the nicest person I had ever met
  8. Jyoti ( A very talented high-school girl
  9. Sheree ( The person to whom I am most grateful (I hope you don’t mind me asking you again 🙂 )
  10. Ink em down ( A great poet
  11. Dawn ( One of the most courageous person

My Questions:

  1. Who is your favourite fictional character?
  2. Who is your idol?
  3. Favourite holiday spot?
  4. What do you like best about yourself?
  5. If you can live anywhere in the universe what would it be?
  6. Favourite time of the day?
  7. Do you prefer writing in paper or typed in computer?
  8. Your favourite blogger?
  9. Three things for a deserted island?
  10. Dream dish?
  11. One wish to come true?

Thanks again, Steve! I wish you have a great week ahead!