Choose Your Own Adventure: An Introduction

Dear Readers,

As a child, I have always loved to read “Choose Your Own Adventure” books (and still do right now) and was just wondering… If perhaps I could bring it back to my life?

Well, here I have a crazy idea… Let’s start a Choose Your Adventure in WordPress! 🙂

A Little About This Project

Welcome to the Woods of Wonder!

Nobody knows what exactly resides here or what exactly happens inside this dark, creepy woods. It all depends on you, your imagination and fate. What you choose, and what’s in store for you will set you in the way… So get ready! And choose your own adventure.

How To Start

  1. Everyday or in a brief interval of one or two days, I will write a post of “Choose Your Own Adventure: Woods of Wonder”
  2. Towards the end, there would a question, or a scenario.
  3. You may answer the scenario with a single word, sentence, experience or a post in your blog (and please do give me a link in the comment section if you do because… how can I miss your adventure? 🙂 )
  4. And then… wait for a day or two. Let’s see what happens next 🙂

Dear Reader

I would really love to hear back from you. Let’s make this adventure a memorable one 🙂 Let’s join in each other’s journey! Have fun!

Warm regards,

Dragon warrior.


Friendly Friday: Abandoned

Thank you so much Amanda, Something to Ponder About, for introducing such a brilliant challenge! You have also inspired me to write a small poem… 🙂

Abandoned little mushroom
Copyright: Dragon Warrior


Left behind,

By my shady gang,

In a rotting piece of wood;

Here I grow, in crinkly and lined

Musty place, here I hang,

Alone and abandoned in this piece of wood.

A Few Snaps of Nature

Now, I don’t think I had told anyone about my liking towards photography so here I am, on this special day, to spill on this little secret… ^ ^

The Flower Hall for Nymphs, Nymph Village, Planet Cygnet.
Copyright: Dragon Warrior
Just a random flower saw while hiking at Spring Hill, Linnet Town, Planet Cygnet
Copyright: Dragon Warrior

Have a nice week ahead! 🙂