The Storm Inside

Another downpour by Masaki, speaking up my heart.

The Storm Inside

Masaki, a rough sketch. A fake smile to avoid questions like “Are you okay?”
Copyright: Dragon Warrior

O Storm, you have wreaked my life,

Shattered my heart like pieces of glass,

Ruined the gardens of memories I had made

Snatched everything I had— and alas,

Everything I loved is gone too.

Now I am behind the bars;

Behind the cage of emotions, trapped,

O Storm, you have hidden all the stars

Of love I had.


I am going to be mad.

Insane. Disdained. Forgotten.

O Storm, you have left me nothing,

But on I walk for miles and miles…

With a strapped heart and a fake smile.


A Journey Of One Month

One month had already passed since I became a blogger. Can’t believe, this journey had been so long already!

A mysterious girl loitering about our school in Linnet Town, Planet Cygnet. Don’t know who she is or why is she here…
Copyrights: Dragon Warrior

This day is truly a milestone for me and I want to thank everyone who has stayed up beside me 🙂

A Small Goodbye

I know, this isn’t the perfect day to bid adieu, but well, I think I would have to go.

For the rest of July, I don’t think I’d be that active anymore. There are some exams coming at the end of the month, and disappointment and gloominess is eating me over.

But I can never quite manage to disappear completely so be sure, I would definitely be hovering over my your comment sections! 🙂

And I’d be back soon too ^ ^

Thank You Everyone To be Beside me for so Long!

Lots of love,

Dragon Warrior

In Cloud Nine

Today, I really am in cloud nine! I am so happy that I can not express in words!

Just a few hours ago, and, 24 hours ago, I just found out a way to thank two of the most amazing bloggers… Tatterhood and Ilona madam… Drawings!

A picture I have drawn…

I really can’t believe that I could bring a smile with these little drawings of mine… 🙂 I really am so happy!

Dear Reader,

I was just wondering… Perhaps… Can I bring a smile to you too? I mean, would you like it if I do a painting of you? I would try my best, it’s a promise… 😊

I would love to spread smiles if I can… 🙂