Thank you so much for following me!

I know I am bit late to celebrate this but… a very big thank you to everyone for joining me in this journey!

I am so happy to say that I have reached 250 followers! Thank you so much for being here beside me in the travels around the blogging world!

In Cygnet, 25 is a very auspicious number for the people living in Tuorin empire (where my imaginary friend Masaki lives) because 25 depicts the Silver Jubilee (In Cygnetian language, Tuorin means Silver)

This is a picture of Tatsuya Tuorin, a prince of the kingdom… 😃
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Thank You So Much!

Thank You So Much Sheree

Dear Sheree,

I am really, truly grateful to you for everything! You have made my dream come true… Filled my hearts with butterflies of hopes! Thank you soo much! ❤

Edit image
Sorry, I could not draw the helmet 🙂

Can’t really my gratitude and happiness with words. Thank you soo much!

Aquiteao! (Thank you in Cygnet language)

Thank You Sheree!

Thank You soo Much For 100 Followers!

Really, I am beyond myself with happiness! I wish to dance on the clouds and sing in the air… I can’t believe I have a hundred people beside me in this journey of blogging world!

She’s Lousa… 🙂
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It hasn’t been a month even, but the days had been truly well. I had met so many amazing persons, became friends with so many amazing people and came to know so many interesting facts!

Thank You!

I really can’t tell how grateful and happy am I!