A painting of Yeka

Dear Yeka, this is something Tatsuya Tuorin, the 15 year old prince over the Ijin world wanted to show. I painted you as far as my fancies went…

Do you look like this? 💕
Copyrights: Dragon Warrior


12 thoughts on “A painting of Yeka

  1. OMG! Sophie Dearest, please kiss and hug Tatsuya for me …. such a pretty painting! 🙂
    Makes me remember “little Yeka”” when I fashioned a similar hairdo years back ….now that I’m much “younger” (hahahaha …. non-stop laughter and wink!), I’m sporting a happy, short “do. Yay super thrilled to have my very own painting …. Now, who needs a Mona Lisa? 🙂 SENDING HAPPY HUGS!!! 🙂

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    1. Oh dear Yeka, I am so very happy! I feel really lucky that I could get a glimpse of your little self 🙂 Your laughs and smiles are BEAUTIFUL 😀 And your hugs make me feel at home ❤
      P.S. Masaki (his lover) has already done that 😀 A blushing Tatsuya thanked you 🙂

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