FOWC with Fandago: Layer

Thank you so much Fandago for hosting this beautiful challenge everyday!


I got to know you once,

I got to know you twice,

But every time I see you again,

All I get is lies.

How many layers have you got

Under those fake smiles?

How much tears, how much pain,

Under those cold eyes?

All your false affection,

All your false gestures,

Floating like a layer of oil mixture

In the ocean of truth.

You are hurt, I know that well.

That’s why you hide in that layer of veil,

Come, reveal your heart,

Come, be a part,

Of mine. Shred your cold cyst,

Come closer and exist,

In the radiance of truth.

Here I in the light, I advance

My hand to you.

Dear, let me get to know your true self once.