A Pain Untold

One of my imaginary friends, Masaki, was going through downs in his life and wrote a poem to express his feelings.

Untold Pain

There are times I feel

To isolate and perhaps seal

Myself from the outer world.

Maybe I was destined,

Maybe I was defined

To be alone, to be out of place,

Since the dawn of time.

Here, in my petty rhyme,

I try in vain to explain the pain,

I face every day.

Paining mind, paining heart,

Deep desire to end and start

Everything from the beginning.

Time lost, hours lost

In trenches of misery,

In quarries of worry

And fear of the coming days.

I need to pave my way,

I know,

But something drags me from behind—

Again I fall in dark traps

Of sorrow,

And all the sufferings start to rewind.