A movie that left a Scar

Today evening, I had gone to see the Lion king. I am quite late, I know, and the movie was quite nice too. But one thing left a deep scar in my heart and that was no one other Scar.

Now you may call me weird, or even take me as an “Evil” person, but I have always liked the Villains in fiction. They never fail to interest and surprise me and honestly… I think they very less taken care of.

Take Scar, for example. He is just the typical villain you would meet in fiction. Greedy, stubborn, cold, without moral or responsibility. And has a similar fate like them: Death. And what positive trait he has? Nil. So, in short, the cardboard cutout.

Now I really believe, these villain need a little bit more empathy. If not from the readers, then from the authors. Come on, they are also human or at least have human traits. They deserve just as much attention as the hero…

I have often feel compassionate to the Villains because I know they are very few people caring about them. Poor people, they are, isolated even by their Crafters.

I am really determined to make a deeper picture of Scar. Tomorrow, I would paint a human version of him.

Well, this is something I really wanted to talk about since long, but I had no one to listen… Thank you so much for reading this!

Warm regards to you…

Dragon Warrior ✨


FOWC With Fandago : Differ

Thank you so much Fandago for hosting this amazing challenge.


Your eyes differ from mine,

You see the ups, I see the downs.

You see the stars, I see the nights,

You see the smiles, I see the pain.

You are beauty, in all others’ eyes,

You are bright,

You are the optimistic ray of light,

The spring to never die.

And I differ from you in every other way,

The pessimistic pebble,

The paranoid, the rubble,

And the darkness to every room.

But what I see is what you skip by,

The voice of the downtrodden,

The voice of people, down in the dumps.

The silent, invisible scars tracing the sky

The agony long forgotten

The dark memories that clump

Minds of hundred people, like me.

So friend, there you are, and here am I,

I am dull, while you shine,

But I don’t care, I don’t cry,

For your eyes differ from mine.

From the Dark Shades

I’ve always believed villains are human beings too. Fiction gives you so much light that you can shed on each and every personality around the world but unfortunately, most of the people totally forget to acknowledge those great villains who have made the tales more interesting.

I had always wanted to see through the cardboard cut-outs of most villains. I had wanted to see through their eyes. And this desire prompted me to write this little poem, written from the point of view of Rei, a character in my stories.

From the Dark Shades

I wasn’t born a thief,

I wasn’t born a killer,

I was born in a little village,

A little son of miller.

Forever had I lived at the edge,

With a single meal a day,

Tattered clothes and barefoot I ran,

Thorns, my only companion, in this long, tiring way

To a little peaceful living.

Forever had I been scorned,

With pebbles thrown to my side,

Forever insults and threats adorned,

Forever dragging me in this choppy ride

Of living.

They laughed about my religion,

They laughed about my tone,

They laughed about the colour I had,

They laughed and left me alone,

In dark crannies of silent sufferings,

Silent tortures and silent pain.

Until came a day, I could take it no more.

No longer could I be used,

As a toy.

From a little scared boy,

I turned into a reckless young man.

Yes, I stole.

Yes, I killed.

Yes, I took revenge.

But happy am I,

To make meaningful, my little existence.