Changes Left Unchanged

  Thank you, Karen and Josh for the What Pegman Saw challenge. Thank you for taking us to a different part of the world every time!  This week we’re there in Cardenas, Cuba.

Cuba | Iván Calás. Google Maps

Changes Left Unchanged

For most people, Stone Castle was just a stone castle as the name suggested.

But for me, it was more reverend than Jerusalem itself.

It had been almost nine decades since I’ve been staying there. I’ve seen the seas change, the trees change, the houses growing and the animals going.

I’ve seen myself change with time too. My youthful face is now scared and lined and my back is now hunched and my silver beard sweeps the ground.

But one thing has remained unchanged, untouched and unshaken. The hole on the wall from where the pirates once passed and from where the great reverend dragons, my ancestors came to light up this castle.


31 thoughts on “Changes Left Unchanged

  1. intertesting way to incorporate your dragons – well done – and my favorite line here was this: “youthful face is now scared and lined and my back is now hunched and my silver beard sweeps the ground”

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      1. ‘ana mumtan jdana limuqabalatik ,(( I am so grateful to know you ))——->>>
        Thank goodness we can just walk away on the internet, teaching, there are plenty of free honest and non-sissy pages
        who wants to see, and of course I can help anytime with what I can, it is a question of like, I also have to learn German, so that I understand the people and their nature, I also have to teach English in school and he was my second language now slipped to third place, wiel only German, + mother tongue but we learned something, do not forget it, !!!

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      2. Thank you for so much for your great words.
        Danke! (the only German word I know)
        All the best for your learning process and it’s always great to learn something new! Thank you a lot! I shall always be looking forward to hear from you— in every possible language 🙂 ❤
        thanks again!

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      3. very nice, and friendly, thank you !! very: Dragon Warrior ,,🙂 ❤
        Thank you for your great words, wish you all the best, for the future, all the while you learn two languages, I will always enjoy hearing from you, (((just so))
        Thanks again !, soon🙂 ❤

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      4. I was also very pleased to discuss with you, this is a proof with a talk, we come further and understand what others want to say, there are also other international conversations, the smile, the eyes, the mourning, all are talking that we should not unlearn, I have to thank you for your great way to discuss yours they have a greeting heart, of course, one of the most important talks the world speaks (trolance) thank you for it.
        indescribably nice. !!!!🙂🙂

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      5. Oh… I can’t thank you enough! You are very right, through blog, we can see through many eyes and get to know our Earth better! You have such a great poetic tone in your writing. You are one of the most nice person I’ve ever talked with!
        Have you seen the river Nile? It’s my dream to be near it once 🙂

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      6. Oh … thanks !!!! yes i have seen the nile drunk nil and fish caught and eaten and also drunk tea with a pen in hand to write my lost poems, and your dream with good help, is felt, I help, let’s talk about it later.
        (((You’re one of the nicest people I’ve ever talked to!))) So thank you, see you soon,🙂🙂

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