Diary Of Kain… Page 1

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29th June 2019

Dear Diary,

Today is quite cold. Stormed a bit in the evening. Hope we aren’t going to get landslides in this valley. I hope the roads don’t block off.

Tomorrow is Sunday. It’s my favourite day, you know. All our week’s shopping depends on this day. There are no shops in our valley, except a few farmhouses (they aren’t proper shops either). Every Sunday, we go to the nearest town to buy things, you know. Tomorrow, I’ll buy myself a few little notebooks and pens. I love making bullet journals!

By the way, today I saw a RaashiKen. Do you know what it is? It’s a large beast that looks like mountain of clouds. Very large but really kind. Father was out in the storm and RaashiKen saved him. In return, I made him a wood-carved statue of him. He seemed so happy! I hope to see him again.

Till then,

Good night,



9 thoughts on “Diary Of Kain… Page 1

      1. I have a rough one, but don’t have any photos of it. I will start a nice new one at some stage, maybe I will share photos of that. I have broken it down to simple columns and reminder or notation pages. There are loads of links on the net and youtube to give you hints.

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