Meowsome Muffin!

Dearest Muffin,

May this letter find you in good health and spirits! Can I just say you’re the most a-meow-sing and who always makes me feline good?~

Not only that, you’re talented blogger cat and with Steve, you make the purr-fect duo! And you’ve got a strong purr-sonality!

A pity I can’t capture how purr-ity you are, so I imagined you as a human girl too!

You always make my day paw-sitive! Stay as meow-some as you are~!

Lots of love,

Dragon Warrior (or Sophie for you) 🐱 


38 thoughts on “Meowsome Muffin!

  1. Fantastic Sophie!! I really like that, the picture is so great!
    Meow, meow!!=That me, that me!! My purrfectly bemeowtiful eyes too!! I love it , I love it!! Thank you so, so much Sophie!! Can I use on my blog too? Can I, can I?😻😻

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      1. Meow, meow!=Mr. Cat is partner in our PI stories and my new boyfriend! He such handsome cat! You can see lots pictures of him in our last PI story.😻😻


      1. The more you draw, the more second nature it will become! As my teacher used to say, β€œprefect practice makes perfect!” I don’t think anyone is born amazing – we get amazing with practice πŸ™‚

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