Ten Of My Favourite Feelings Tag

Many thanks to James A. Best for nominating me for this tag. He is a great, kind, god-loving person who writes from his heart and makes WordPress a much better place.

Ten Of My Favourite Feelings

Copyrights: Dragon Warrior
  1. Realising that you have a great, loving family (for me, my family best in the world) who are always by your side.
  2. When you finish a story.
  3. After spending much time on a drawing, when it finally turns out how you wanted it to be.
  4. Reading a heart touching story. (especially Neverending Story for me)
  5. When your characters (imaginary friends for me) whisper their stories to you.
  6. Reading or writing letters.
  7. When you look back into the past and realise how much you’ve changed and how cute you were back then.
  8. Hearing your favourite songs and they touch your soul.
  9. Reading comments in WordPress and realising there are people who are there to hear what you want to say.
  10. Loving someone with your whole heart (for me, my family 😀 )

My Nominees:

(This is really simple to answer. All you have to do is list 10 of your favourite feelings)

Anyone and everyone reading this is nominated. You all are awesome! I’d love to hear from you.



Just a small poem to express my emotions… 🙂

Also doodling to pass time 🙂


Sitting by the window,

With the laptop by my side,

Books and notebooks thrown apart,

In an impatient ride;

Building up high hopes…

Waiting… waiting…

All day long,

I want the clock to cope

Up with me, but it seems so stuck!

Why doesn’t the hours pass?

Why don’t I have luck?

Waiting… waiting…

All day long,

I want the minutes to race—

But somehow they have got frozen

And I am still waiting at my place.