Shifting Sunday

We are shifting… From a rented apartment we are moving to our very own house…

Excited as well as a bit sad about leaving this place with so many memories…

But well, to cheer up our moods, Mother Nature has given a beautiful gift! Just look at the clouds …! 😃 They Just took my fancy and carried me somewhere far, far away.

Magical clouds!
Copyrights Dragon Warrior

Dear Reader,

Have you experienced shifting? I would be extremely grateful to hear from you! 💓😃

Lots of love and warm regards,

Dragon Warrior


Friendly Friday: Abandoned

Thank you so much Amanda, Something to Ponder About, for introducing such a brilliant challenge! You have also inspired me to write a small poem… 🙂

Abandoned little mushroom
Copyright: Dragon Warrior


Left behind,

By my shady gang,

In a rotting piece of wood;

Here I grow, in crinkly and lined

Musty place, here I hang,

Alone and abandoned in this piece of wood.

A Few Snaps of Nature

Now, I don’t think I had told anyone about my liking towards photography so here I am, on this special day, to spill on this little secret… ^ ^

The Flower Hall for Nymphs, Nymph Village, Planet Cygnet.
Copyright: Dragon Warrior
Just a random flower saw while hiking at Spring Hill, Linnet Town, Planet Cygnet
Copyright: Dragon Warrior

Have a nice week ahead! 🙂