Dark Thoughts: By Tatsuya

Another poem by my imaginary friend, Tatsuya Tuorin.

Dark Thoughts

~Tatsuya Tuorin

Unknown, what’s wrong with me

Unknown, where I’m heading

Just know, yes, I am fading

From the world and every other


All the emotions’ a mess,

Dwelling in darkness.

I’m smiling,

I’m crying,

I’m laughing,

I’m dying,

My whole heart is shattered.

Maybe, just perhaps, I never really mattered.


Too Tired

A poem by my imaginary friend, Masaki.

Too Tired

I am too tired
To walk anymore
In this long walk of life.
My limbs are sore,
My heart is throbbing,
An unceasing pain haunts my head.
I have fallen again
But I don’t want to get up.
Fed up
I am with everything.
Let it be over.
Please let everything be over.
I am tired.
Too tired.
I want to quit, I want to end.
My smiles have departed already,
My peace has gone.
My foot is dead.
The only thing alive
Is my poor little head
Crying for sleep.
A deep, deep sleep.
Maybe it’s too early,
Maybe the years are left.
But I am tired, too tired,
All I want is my last bed.


A poem written by my imaginary friend, Masaki.


It’s hard to bear

When all your near

And dear ones turn against you;

When no one gets the few

Words that escape your lips.

When all your emotions slip

In your eyes,

And yet, to them, it’s just dust.

It’s painful,

When they take your words

In the wrong turn

And spread hate around the world,

Spread the words that make you burn

From inside with guilt,

For words you’ve never built.

And in those times, you feel,

To hide and conceal

Your true self and bury deep, deep in a wood,

And slowly, silently suffer the pain of being misunderstood.