Weekend Writing Prompt- Song

Thank you, Sammi, for hosting this Weekend Writing Prompt.

The Last Song

A single voice throbs my ears

Maybe it’s the wind,

Whistling by the coves,

Maybe it’s the clouds,

Singing by the copse,

Maybe it’s the birds,

Maybe the cricket’s chirping.

I don’t know whose song it is,

My ears  are already dead.

All I know,

They sing of peace

The peace that had already left my head,

Living behind an empty cage,

Shivering with pain, shivering with rage,

As I lay dying in the copse.

There begins the song again.

Whispering in my ears.

My only peer

In this quiet, cold night.

It’s the stars, I guess,

Singing a eulogy for me.

(102 words)

Post Script

This is my first try in this contest. I am in quite a dark mood, so I am sorry to make it dark as well.


Too Tired

A poem by my imaginary friend, Masaki.

Too Tired

I am too tired
To walk anymore
In this long walk of life.
My limbs are sore,
My heart is throbbing,
An unceasing pain haunts my head.
I have fallen again
But I don’t want to get up.
Fed up
I am with everything.
Let it be over.
Please let everything be over.
I am tired.
Too tired.
I want to quit, I want to end.
My smiles have departed already,
My peace has gone.
My foot is dead.
The only thing alive
Is my poor little head
Crying for sleep.
A deep, deep sleep.
Maybe it’s too early,
Maybe the years are left.
But I am tired, too tired,
All I want is my last bed.

The Storm Inside

Another downpour by Masaki, speaking up my heart.

The Storm Inside

Masaki, a rough sketch. A fake smile to avoid questions like “Are you okay?”
Copyright: Dragon Warrior

O Storm, you have wreaked my life,

Shattered my heart like pieces of glass,

Ruined the gardens of memories I had made

Snatched everything I had— and alas,

Everything I loved is gone too.

Now I am behind the bars;

Behind the cage of emotions, trapped,

O Storm, you have hidden all the stars

Of love I had.


I am going to be mad.

Insane. Disdained. Forgotten.

O Storm, you have left me nothing,

But on I walk for miles and miles…

With a strapped heart and a fake smile.