Crimson’s Creative Challenge: The Forgotten Cottage

Thank you so much Crispina, for hosting this challenge.

copyrights: Crispina Kemp

The Forgotten Cottage

‘Twas a forgotten little cottage,

 In forgotten little forest.

A young plump guy, who didn’t know why

He was alone,

Stared at the house overgrown

With weeds.

He’d come following those strange reeds

That grew by the riverside,

Strange things he saw, animal hides,

Colourful pebbles, patterns on the ground,

And soon he was lost, for he didn’t know the way round

The forgotten little forest.

He stared at the forgotten little cottage

With fear-laden eyes.

He looked to the ground, he looked at the skies,

He called his friends loud, he chanted prayers,

But there was no-one, nobody to help him there.

But there was someone in the house who’d heard the boy cry,

And there from the house, out came the most peculiar guy,

“Come he said my dear,” said the man who was not touched by age,

And there went the young guy, right in the cage.

Copyrights: Dragon Warrior

Well, here’s something about the “young boy”. There he is, do you like the way he looks? So, this time, I’m trying to write a story with characters from different parts of Earth and he’s one of them. Thanks so much for reading, have a great day (:


A little poem about the colour grey.


On a grey day, by a grey path,

Under grey skies, lay a graveyard

With grey stones, and wilted flowers,

And grey moans and grey showers—

A grey mouse, with no house,

Groped about the graveyard,

‘My future home’ he muttered lone,

And went away in the grey path.

Vincent Ehindero Blogger Award

I’d really like to thank James A. Best for nominating me to this award. He really is an awesome writer and a very nice person who forever keeps hope and faith.

Thank you James!

Here are The Rules To Follow :

  1. Thank the person who nominated you with a link to their blog.
  2. Make a post of the award (with a Photo of the Logo)
  3. Post the rules
  4. Ask 5-10 Questions of your choice
  5. Nominate 10-30 other bloggers (or more) and notify them

Here Are James’ Questions :

  1. What dream are you chasing in your life ? As a dreamer, I’ve a number of dreams, but perhaps the biggest one is making and dwelling in a magical world. Perhaps that’s why I’m often reading or writing or drawing and making my own little Cygnet
  2. What do you do during thisCovid-19 lockdown? Lots! Writing, drawing, online classes, reading and all. But best of all, we had a little caterpillar with us who recently turned a butterfly.
  3. What type of music drives your creativity? I like hearing vocaloid or utaite songs most.
  4. What is your true ultimate goal in retirement? I want to settle down in a nice countryside places in the hills and write pr draw 🙂
  5. If, you could describe your home country. How would that look like to readers ? I’m sorry I don’t believe in concept of countries 😔 But if you’d like to know about my home, it’s in a suburb place with ponds and trees and ruins almost a century old.
  6. What genre or genres of blogs do you enjoy writing ? I love to write poems or flashfictions and also a little doodles and perhaps general things for my beloved fellow bloggers.
  7. How would you explain your family history ? “Lost in books” Actually, most of us like reading so… 🙂
  8. Do you read books for some inspiration when creating new blog topics ? Not really.

My Questions

  1. Would you consider a creative person? If so, how?
  2. What type of characters do you like to read about?
  3. How would you describe the quarantine in a few words?
  4. How would you describe your aesthetics?
  5. When the quarantine ends, what would you do first?

My Nominees

  1. Elyan White: An amazing writer with intruguing characters and a very nice heart.
  2. Tatterhood: Who’s really tough and amazing and has a postive effect on us
  3. Sheree: who has taken me to number of places where I’ve never been with her travelogues.
  4. Johanna: Who writes really well
  5. PJ: Who writes great poems
  6. Muffin: Since Steve is already nominated by James, I’ll just ask our beloved Muffin to join in 😉
  7. Suzi: whose haikus, poems and writing is just amazing.
  8. Mrs. T: Who’s really nice, friendly and caring.
  9. K.A. Ashcomb: I just met her but her writings and book reviews has already captivated me.
  10. JesusLuvAll: He’s so caring and positive and really nice.

Thank you James A. Best once again! I hope everyone stay safe and sound 🙂

A Dragon Is Back

Summer greetings! I had been a bit busy this quarantine, writing my first draft, learning digital paintings and following lots of creative challenges. But I really missed you all.

Working on my digital art 🙂
Copyrights: Dragon warrior

How are you doing? How is the quarantine affecting you?

Warmest wishes and would love to hear from you,



I recently started to draw digitally too. How is it?? (:
Copyrights: Dragon Warrior

Winter Greetings to my beloved friends at WordPress! How are you?

I am so sorry to be coming and going like this… But exams are so close and lately I have started a new account at Archives Of Our Own… 🙂

I am really sorry for my delayed replies and not completing earlier works… 😦

Would love to hear from you!!

Warmest regards,

Dragon Warrior

P.S. Here’s a link to my Archive of Own Account if you’d like to read… ❤

Day One: An Introduction

Guest post by Masaki Kain.

Introducing You To My BuJo…

The first introduction page
Copyrights: Dragon Warrior

Greetings to the amazing people over WordPress! It’s Masaki Kain here, your host for today.

I don’t know if you know me already, I sometimes write poems in Den of Dreams like Too Tired and Misunderstood… Too be honest, even though I do love this weather, I’m feeling lost and betrayed today. Let’s cut out the dark shades and look forward in the lighter shades.

Do you have weird habits? Like being tight-lipped when angry or bursting your knuckles or talking to yourself?

What’s your favourite thing about Winter?

If you could become anything without worry of money and time, what would you be?

What’s your favourite song?

Would really love to know you better ❤

Warm regards,


Only Nine Days Till New Year

Warmest greetings to you!

Only nine days are left till 2020, and I am getting all excited for it. For the last few days, Masaki, an imaginary friend * of mine decided to do something special… “9 Days of Bullet Journal”!

(* well, I guess many of you might be confused why I have so many “imaginary friends”… Actually, these people are characters in my stories and I love them to well to call just “character”… After all, they have helped me so much!)

Starting something creative on a study break is surely one of my favourite guilty pleasures! 😀
Copyrights Dragon Warrior

I am really excited to write guest posts on his BuJo from Masaki’s POV… Hope you like them! 😀

With love,

Dragon Warrior ❤

A Letter To Tiger

I thought you’d look like this if you were an anime character…
Copyrights: Dragon Warrior

Dear Tiger,

May this letter find you in good health and spirit! Thank you so much, for being such a good friend. I’ve always loved to talk with you and your cheerful always refreshes my mood! Thank you so much!

I really love reading your every post, about anime and your latest trip to Japan, and web book series… Thank you so much for being there always!

Another rough sketch… (:

Have a great week ahead!

Warmest regards,

Dragon Warrior ❤

UraShimaSakaSen Daily Life

Greetings to you!

Well, today, I would like to introduce you a little comic anime series called “UraShimaSakaSen Daily Life”. It’s a really light-hearted and funny thing to cheer up moods.

There are 12 episodes and each episode is just 4 minutes long, so in less than an hour, I’m finished seeing it. Yay!

Let’s begin with the characters: 4 transfer students who surely are anything but odd and funny. They form a club and have fun.

Urashimasakatasen no Nichijou
Copyrights: my anime list

Here’s a link to the episodes, if anyone would like to see:

Thank you so much and have a great week ahead!

Warmest regards,

Dragon warrior ❤