Crispina’s Creative Challange #103: A Heap of Ruin

A big thank you to Crispina for hosting this challenge! I know, I’m a bit on and off at WordPress with online classes and all but I really wanted to participate in your amazing challenge just on verge of Nanowrimo* haha Thank you so much for hosting this!

A Heap of Ruin

Copyrights: Crispina Kemp

On a big heap of “things” where heaps of things lay,

I stopped for a while and picked up a pebble in my way,

“Seems like a ruin,” said my elder brother,

“With something forgotten like this, why do you bother?”

Copyrights: Dragon Warrior (@den of dreams)
I’m doing digital art now 🙂

But I, like a genius**, shook my head,

To him, I said,

“Sometimes things forgotten most,

Have lots to boast

About the older days.”

So we went all the way,

Exploring the ruins, guessing the past,

And by an adventure we were blessed at last.

Copyrights: Dragon Warrior @Den of Dreams. I just got into digital art, btw! What do you think of it?

The narrator in this poem is a young, over-confident, loner boy nicknamed Askari (he took the name from Askari Mirza who was Mughal emperor Humayun’s brother, he’s a history buff haha). He often calls himself “genius”** and loves making tales.

Oh, by the way, speaking of Nanowrimo* are you all going to participate? If yes, what’s your story about? If no, what would your dream book be about?

Warmest regards, and thank you so much for reading!

-Dragon Warrior


An Invitation

An Invitation

M’ladies and m’lords, here I am again. I have had the luckiest opportunity to visit a distant, faraway land called Lumis, by the one and only Elyan White.

It is, yes I confess, my first inter-stellar travel, and I am indeed in a silvery light. I am waiting here, at Raisen Port. I thank you deeply, m’lady, for having me.

Tatsuya Tuorin

Myself from yesterday. Copyrights Tatsuya Tuorin

Welcome To the Ijin World: Guest Post by Tatsuya

Hello, mates, Prince Tatsuya Tuorin here! My first own journey in the Den Of Dreams actually 🙂 I started this mostly for Crimson Prose, an silvery blogger, to whom I pledge my gratitude. Crimson, I was wondering what you may like until I realised that you like history and culture.

Now, dear mates, you are going to enter deep, deep below the seas, into coral kingdoms, to experience the legendary and magical creatures called Ijins… Hold your breath, there we go…

My first ever water colour painting, dated 25th August 2018.
Copyrights: Dragon Warrior

Ijins are really small creatures, barely 10 cm of height, and represent the 7 colours of the rainbow— Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Red— and the 7 Special colours— Silver, Brown, Black, Grey, Gold, Turquoise, Pink. Each of the Special colours has a special purpose and own task to do. They travel on jellyfishes and sea horses and use the tiny little sea-shells (well, for them, sea shells aren’t tiny at all) as money. Do you see the coral all around? They are the houses and every building of the Ijin folks.

After every 7 months, there a festival, the main festival held for Ijins. It’s called the Feast and goes on for 7 days in the elegant royal place. Surely it’s fun! Even prisoners are released for enjoying these days. (I have been there once, and it was great fun! Next one is in October this year, you may join in too 🙂 )

Well, mates, today, for this post I’m in charge of comments. Feel free to ask any question! I would be more than happy, for, it is perhaps a once-a-lifetime occasion. 🙂

Have a silvery day ahead!

~Tatsuya Tuorin.

A Curse That Became a Blessing

Thank you so much, Rochelle, for this challenge of Friday Fictioneers


A curse that became a blessing

Millenniums ago, I had been cursed to become a statue. And now I think, it’s a blessing.

They had taken parts of my hands, they had forever closed my eyes.

It’s a blessing, I say again. At least I don’t have to see my mother Earth dying. At least I don’t have to see some of my brothers die out of hunger and others feasting on fries. At least, I don’t have to see the pain and disgraceful state of the world which, once was such a gracious place.

A Whole World of Notebooks: Bullet Journal

As an introvert and dreamer and living with hundred and one imaginary friends, notebooks and journals fill a great part in my life! ❤

So welcome, my dear mates, to my world of notebooks… Let’s tour around part by part 🙂

My Bullet Journal

A page from my BuJo! Thanks dear Eloise for being with me 🙂
Copyright: Dragon Warrior

Bullet journals are a great way for planning and organising our day-to-day lives… All you need is a notebook, some pens, a bit of imagination and 5 minutes’ time (If you use more, that’s great too!)

I had started my bullet journal quite recently and before that my daily journal was everything I had and confided to… 🙂

This week, I had Eloise, an imaginary friend, with me to help me organise and plan for the coming week. I know, many of you may be wondering, I guess… how on earth can a week start with a Friday (19th July) and end with 28th (Sunday) June?!

Well, the answer lies to the fact, I don’t live in Earth! I live in a faraway magical world called Cygnet where there’s 9 days in a week. So there’s a mismatch with Earth’s calendea, you see 🙂

Have a great weekend ahead!

King Of Pirates: Crimson’s Creative Challenge

Thank you, Crispina for such an amazing contest!

Copyright: Crispina Kemp

King of Pirates

By Gou aka George

I will ride on hundred waves,

I will fathom hundred sea miles,

I will uncover hundred graves

Of sailors, lyin’

Here and there about the treasure island.

My rudder is my wizard’s wand,

My cutlass, the magician’s ring—

Beware, traveller, I am the pirate king!

About Gou:

A student at day and pirate by night. No, he is no king of pirates, but a very poor young man compelled to steal for a living. Loves adventure, treasures, keys and the first mate of the ship: Naoki (aka Neil)

Discoveries Underneath

Thank you Rochelle for creating this exciting challenge of Friday Fictioneers!

Only for Friday Fictioneers. Photo credits: Dale Rogerson

Discoveries Underneath

When I saw it for the first time, I thought it was some sort of stupid building made for show. But it was during a windy summer day when I finally discovered the secrets beneath it.

It was there, in the middle of a uncannily deserted road, burning up in the sun. I was messing up with it, trying to find the “mysteries” behind it. It was then I had found out the swirling stairs hidden beneath this structure leading to the place of highly technological place of giants. And guess what? They had giant phones and came over here at midnight to charge them!

Post Script:

I am really sorry for this stupid little tale. It’s actually a part of a larger series called “Discoveries of Jos, Far and Wide” I’m so gloomy that can’t really use my words well. Thanks for reading!

Diary of Kain, page 4

Previous page at

9th July, 2019

Dear Diary,

I know, day by day, my entries to you are getting fewer and fewer… I am really sorry for that but you see, we are so busy about our shifting! It really pains me, to think we can’t live in this valley anymore. I can’t run in the soft grasses in the meadows, I can’t ramble all day long or watch the sunrise and sunset over the hues of the hills… Every day, my parents are taking tours on carts to the Linnet Town and shifting bit by bit. I am alone at home, most of the times, clearing attic and sheds.

Today, however, I have skipped most of my chores. Why? Today is ICC World Cup 1st semi-finals! India vs New Zealand! I am praying to God that New Zealand wins! Speaking of the world cup, I have already made a new friend at Linnet Town! He is a Euclonic (a different religion) but loves the World Cup just as much as I do! He is supporting Australia and said, if the Aussies lost, he would die. Isn’t it too much? He is 20 year old and much older than me. I too wish Aussies would win the World Cup. Either NZ or England can be runner-up. Really, these fellows from Earth have invented such interesting games… Why don’t we have such in our Cygnet? But luckily I’ve heard, in Linnet Town, every year they have a Dragon Race. Now that would be interesting! Oh, I am excited and disappointed at the same time.

By the way, I had found a rusty tin box in our shed. After my parents return, I’ll open it. Maybe it’s just a piece of old junk but I believe there’s some adventure in it!




The Last Show

Thank you, Rochelle Wisoff-Fields, for opening such a great contest @ Friday Fictioneers for this photo prompt.

Image © Ted Strutz. Used with permission for this Friday Fictioneers challenge only. Any other use of this image requires Ted Strutz’s permission

The Last Show

On a long summer day, I had gone to a long-forgotten alley, in a much-remembered building. Phoenix Theatre.

It wasn’t a place where people went just to entertain themselves. No, it was much more.

It was a monument. A reverend, venerable monument. A legacy of past. Immortal, like its name suggests. And magical.

Inside the hall, curtains were drawn. Lights were off. The movie started… And all the scenes came alive.

I just gasped with shock, a pleasant shock. Until, one movie character came and dragged me inside the screen. Like it did, to every watcher.

(99 words)

70 ideas for your Travel Journal

Have you ever wanted to preserve and immortalize each and every moments of your travels? Every sight, smell or sound?

Believe me, travel journal is an amazing way to do so! You can capture each and every feel of your amazing journey with just a page and paper.

Here are 70 ideas for your travel blog to get started. Enjoy!

Before Going…

•Where are you going?

•Why are you going there?

•What is the meaning of the name of the place?

•Why do you think that name was given?

•How do you think the place will look like?

•What do you want to do there?

•Is there something you’d want to avoid?

About The Trains, Planes or Buses

•How are you going to the station or port or airport? By foot? By cycle? By cabs?

•How is the station like? Is there anything special?

•How do you feel when you are at the station? Impatient? Excited? Suspenseful?

•Describe any random stranger.

•Stations or ports or airports are lively places. Is there anything exciting happening there?

•Are you late or before time?

•  How is your train/bus/plane/ship? Comfy?

•Who’s sitting beside you?

•How long is your journey?

•What are you doing in your journey?

•What is the scene out of the window?

•Did you eat something in your journey? How was it like?

At the Destination

•Has your train/plane/ship/bus arrived on time?

•What’s your first thought after reaching your destination?

•How does the air smell like? Polluted? Fresh?

•How is the weather like? Humid? Cold?

•What scenes do you see first?

•What are first sounds you hear? Factory groans? Gurgling river? Birds?

•What is the first thing you eat? How does it taste like?

•Where are you going to stay? Hotel? Homestay? Friends’ home? Holiday home?

•How far is your residing place?

•How will you reach there?

At the Residing Place:

•Who was the first person you met at your residing place? Staff? Hotel manager? Friend?

•Describe the room you’re staying in

•Describe the view out of room window

•What does your room smell of? Sea-salt? Wood?

•Write something about people you met at that place


•How is the locality like? Villages? Slum? City?

•How are the local people like? Smiling? Frowning?

•What are the local foods?

•What is the dominant taste? Sweet? Spicy?

•What do the locals wear?

•Is there anything unique about the local culture?

•What are the local religious buildings? Churches? Mosques? Temples?

•How does the local market look like?


•Where are you having meals? At the same place where you’re staying? At some other restaurant?

•Who served you food? Yourself? Your friend? A waiter?

•Describe the ambience of your meal times

•Who is eating with you? •What are you eating?

•What are you discussing between your meals?

•Do you like the food? What do you like or hate most among them?

•What are you going to do after meal?

Day Out

•Describe what you did in the whole day

•Where did you went?

•What did you eat?

•What activities did you perform?

•What part did you like the best?

•What part did you like the worst?

•Who  travelled with you?

•How was the weather like?

•Where did you stop for breathers?

•What places did you went? By what? Why?

•Did you meet any new people? If yes, describe them

Returning Home

•How are you feeling now as the trip is over? Relief? Sad?

•How are you going home? By bus? By train?

•How did you say goodbye to your new friends or neighbours?

•Describe your journey home

•What was the best part of the trip?

•What was the worst part of the trip?

•Did any place or destination surprise you?

•Did you learn any lesson?

•Describe an unforgettable moment

Is there something you will really miss back at home?

•Compare your home and the destination

So here you go! Thanks for staying along me for so long! Hope you enjoyed these ideas! Have fun writing!

P. S. I shall be grateful to hear from you too, like suggestions and stories!